Friday, January 11, 2008

Kids paying for holy war over evolution

From an Op-Ed piece on, a few choice excerpts:
"We're opposed to teaching evolution as a fact", said Oscar Howard Jr., superintendent of the Taylor County, Florida School District.

According to Danny Lundy, vice chairman of the School Board, "'The 'good people' back home" would have "no choice" but to pull their kids out of school.

(full article)
Impositions on understanding the whole process, imposed by those not understanding the whole process.

It is shameful that this ignorant attitude still prevails in many parts of the same country I call home. It's long past time for the rest of our population to wake up, grow up, and give up their childish mythologies; yet exactly the opposite seems to be happening in these areas. These are decent, caring people, so misguided by religious ignorance as to "protect" their children from the very things that could finally wrest them from their abject ignorance and in many cases poverty. And they vote.

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