Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Cunt" on Live TV - Why all the fuss?

Feb 14, 2008, NBC's Today Show. In reference to "The Vagina Monologues", Jane Fonda (presumably) accidentally uses the word "Cunt".

Frankly, this should be a non-issue, but for some reason our government, through the offices of the Federal Communications Commission, has taken it upon itself for years to choose which words may be spoken at least in the broadcast media. Frankly, this practice is disgusting and demeans the dignity of all of us. The notion of "protecting" our children from language they'll encounter soon enough in school anyway, is a poor excuse for imposing a largely Christian agenda on a government agency.

Bravo, Jane. Do not appologize. It's high time we grow up and break this ridiculous taboo.

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