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Why is this haggadah different from others? Well, it's got Jesus
By Rebecca Dube, The Forward

Here's a Passover riddle: When is a Haggadah not Jewish?

Answer: When it's got more Jesus than a matzo has holes.

A Jewish anti-missionary group has succeeded in persuading Barnes and Noble booksellers to reclassify a Passover guide from a "messianic Jewish" publisher as Christian, rather than Jewish. The group is also pressuring and Wal-Mart to make similar changes.
If you judge a book by its cover, "Passover Family Pack: Everything You Need To Enjoy a Passover Seder Dinner" looks like a traditional holiday starter kit. A festive drawing adorns the front of the package, which includes a Seder plate, a Kiddush cup, two copies of the Haggadah and a cassette tape of music, all for $39.99.

But a few pages into the Haggadah, it becomes clear to observant Jews that something is fishy - and it's not the gefilte. The guide recasts the story of Passover as a mere setup for the arrival of "Yeshua the Messiah": The text says the wine represents the blood of Jesus; the matzo represents his body; the three matzot represent the Christian Holy Trinity, and so on.

"They're taking the traditions of the Jewish faith and using them as a blunt instrument to convert Jewish people to the Christian faith," said Rabbi Tovia Singer, director of the anti-missionary group Outreach Judaism and host of a radio talk show in Jerusalem.

"It's a paradigm of this entire nefarious movement. They use subterfuge to lure Jews who would normally resist a more straightforward evangelical message."

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Religion is perverse enough without fraudulent liturgies circulating surruptitiously. How much brighter this world could be but for the proliferation of such nonsense.

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