Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where did the intelligent Republicans go?

I remember a time not so many years ago when Republican was not synonymous with moron as it sadly has become. Republicans were wrong a lot, sure, but for the most part they were intelligent, educated, articulate, serious people. What happened? When did they become such a pathetic bunch? When did they become anti-education, anti-intelligence, actively ignorant, dominated by right-wing Christians? Why?

Democrats certainly have their share of problems, but at least they're trying to deal with reality.

And then there are the Tea Partiers - decrying the entrenched interests in DC, but themselves mostly just an extension of the Republican Moron brigade.

And where the hell is the 80+% of the population not on one extreme or the other? It's time for the real people to stand up and be heard. Someone has to tell all these wing nuts to shut the fuck up and stop vandalizing America.

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Brian said...

This article reveals both your political affiliation and your bias.

I don't blame you; there are a lot of republicans that are as you describe. It has been my experience though (and maybe this reveals my bias), that there are at least as many guilty of this type of blind obedience to a party on the left.

It seems to me that there are many republicans who are so because they are brainwashed to be so. On the other side, however, being a dem has become synonymous with "change" and has become a sort of new and sexy ideology as far as popular rhetoric is concerned.

This kind of rhetoric and public opinion has, from my observation, produced a genre of people who would reject GOP ideals because they are "old-fashioned" without giving thought to the actual ideals.

Would you agree with this idea?

Oh, and I run a blog specifically trying to undo the damage those of a certain group affiliation (*cough*teaparty*cough*). You should check it out; I think you would enjoy it: